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Forget about buying items from mass production.

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How it works

We only do single items

Every item from us is unique and custom made for you. That means your item will be as unique as you and your artisan.

Fair & Transparent

We provide a fully transparent shopping experience. You get all details about who earns what. You even get the phone number from your craftsman to double check.

CO2 neutral delivery

Shipping your item to your doorstep consumes less CO2 than driving to a nearby craftsperson with your car. Nevertheless we buy CO2 compensation certificates for your order.

Made in Africa

You get your item realized in direct contact and exchange with an artisan in Kenya, Rwanda or Ghana.

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It is super easy – just describe your idea

No matter if you like “a green leather bag, 30cm high” or “a cutlery tray, 50 by 45 by 10 cm” or a “piece of art“, whatever it is, just describe it and our expert will ask all the relevant questions to help realize your idea

Ideas from others

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Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

  • Thomas Noderer
    (Translated by Google) Very nice work and great quality...more
    Thomas Noderer
  • Rikkie Tumaini K.
    Great services. more
    Rikkie Tumaini K.
  • Tanja Bach
    (Translated by Google) I ordered a custom olive wood fruit bowl through Urban Change Lab. The direct contact with "my" carpenter in Kenya was uncomplicated and very personal...The result is a high-quality, handmade one-of-a-kind item that now adorns my sideboard...more
    Tanja Bach
  • Jana F
    (Translated by Google) Describe the idea - concretize with the craftsman during the manufacturing process - wait a minute - get a fair & unique product from Kenya! Have already ordered two products through Urban Change Lab and every time was super happy... more
    Jana F
  • Ingrid Aouane
    (Translated with DeepL) Good (team) work! You can see that the craftsmen really want to give their best. It took me a while with the laptop bag, but it was great, so it was worth the wait. Thanks, Isabell! more
    Ingrid Aouane
  • Norah Rain
    A different way of "shopping" so to speak. Very personalised. I enjoyed the process of watching my blanket being made and I am very pleased with the finished product more
    Norah Rain
  • Maja Kluy
    (Translated by DeepL) I ordered cutlery boxes, wonderful! Thanks! more
    Maja Kluy
  • Philipp Krämer
    Very smooth and friendly contact both with the partners in Berlin and with the artist in Kenya. An easy and creative process and the result was a unique quality product more
    Philipp Krämer
  • Martina Höfner
    (Translated by DeepL) Great work and great supervision... I never felt let down in one minute. Here you get what you want 👍 Keep up the good work 👍 more
    Martina Höfner